Consultancy & Testing

Exhaust Flow Measurement

Applied Emissions has a number of unique solutions to allow on-board measurement of instantaneous exhaust mass flow, on engines of all sizes.
Direct pitot measurement on engines of up to 2500kW is available and unique solutions are possible on larger engines.


If you do not have the expertise in house to conduct PEMS testing we can provide unique and tailored consultancy service to quickly get your test capability compliant with type approval standards. Support in areas such as route development, operational & maintenance procedures and data analysis is available.

Key Areas
PEMS TestingAll areas in relation to PEMS testing including
Real world driving emissions RDE (real world driving emissions)
in-service conformity ISC (in-service conformity)
non road mobile machinery NRMM (non road mobile machinery)
Route DevelopmentRoute Development
Bespoke testing procedures Development of bespoke testing procedures



We have dedicated training rooms at our facility in Milton Keynes where up to eight delegates can be trained at one time and experience operating live equipment in a test environment including testing in-car on actual RDE test routes.

Key Areas
Comprehensive & Tailored PEMS related Training Programmes
PEMS Equipment Operation
RDE Legislation
Legislative analyser maintenance
All areas in relation to PEMS testing including:

Calibration checks
NOx converter efficiency
Linearization checks