About Applied Emissions

Our independent test facility in Bletchley, Milton Keynes houses the latest PEMS analysers, a Hub-Chassis Dynamometer capable of measuring up to 2000 bhp, and space for the installation and testing of cars, coaches and HGVs. We also have a suite of customer focused training rooms.

Exhaust Flow Measurement

Applied Emissions has a number of unique solutions to allow on-board measurement of instantaneous exhaust mass flow, on engines of all sizes.
Direct pitot measurement on engines of up to 2500kW is available and unique solutions are possible on larger engines.


With access to multiple RDE compliant test routes in the UK and a team of highly trained PEMS and automotive engineering experts, no other independent testing facility in the UK offers the same.

Kevin Tully has since 2013 been involved in support, training and establishing RDE services for the leading test houses in the UK.

Kevin saw a niche in the UK market due to the significant increase in testing workload as a result the recently introduced WLTC and evolving RDE homologation requirements. It was clear to him that there was a need for a new facility that offered not only PEMS testing, but also consultancy and training and route development.

About Applied Emissions

Our Location

Our facility at Milton Keynes, centrally located in the UK, was selected because of the unique city grid network and close proximity to multiple motorways, allowing creation of a variety of RDE test routes:

  • Infrequent traffic jams
  • Fast diversions should the route be hampered
  • Close to M1, A5, A421, A43 motorways
  • Easy to return to base in the event of aborted tests
  • Multiple urban routes
  • Free flowing (most of the time!)